An article in the New York Times on Dec. 29, “A Pinpoint Beam Strays Invisibly, Harming Instead of Healing,” reports on stereotactic radiosurgery treatment provided to three patients at Evanston Hospital. The full article is available at:

In response to the article, Evanston Hospital issued the following statement:
“In June 2009, we discovered an issue with the software and equipment used to perform stereotactic radiosurgery procedures and, concerned by what we found, we immediately halted all procedures and conducted a thorough review of all past cases. We identified less than a handful of cases where patients were, without our knowledge, unexpectedly overexposed to radiation and our response was swift and thorough. We immediately notified the patients and began a program to monitor their health and provide for their medical care. We notified the manufacturer and the Food and Drug Administration so that this issue would not happen to others. Nothing is more important to us than the safety and well-being of our patients.”