On Jan. 3, at approximately 7:50 a.m., a 12-year old female was walking to school in the 600 block of Florence Avenue. She said she was approached by a Hispanic male, said Commander Tom Guenther, public information officer of the Evanston Police Department. She told police the Hispanic male grabbed her by her arms and began to twist them, that she asked the man “could you please let go,” and the man said, “No, you are coming with me.” The girl said she kicked the man’s leg, and he released her. The girl said she ran from the area, and when she looked around the “man was gone.” The girl continued to school and reported the incident to school officials. 

Evanston police officers searched the area and conducted a residential canvas, but did not locate the suspect. In an interview with Evanston Juvenile Detectives, the girl described the offender as a male with a Hispanic accent, 48 years of age, wearing a black coat, black jeans, black boots, black gloves and a black half ski type mask, said the Commander.