Evanston resident Roger Lehman completed the Decatriathlon World Challenge (Deca) in November, setting a new American record for the event.  

The Deca is ten times the length of an ironman triathlon.  The distances to be covered to complete the Deca include a 24-mile swim, a 1,120-mile bike ride and a 262-mile run. 

Mr. Lehman finished the 2010 Deca in 262 hours. He placed first in the swim, first in his age group and fifth overall for the event. Christian Mauduit (France) won the event, followed by David Clamp (England) and Sergio Cordeiro (Brazil).

Mr. Lehman runs, cycles and swims extensively on the North Shore, training for ultra events and is a regular at the McGaw YMCA. His training and preparation for the Deca from January to November 2010 included swimming over 150 miles, running over 1,000 miles, and cycling approximately 3,000 miles.