In recognition of Women’s History Month each year, the Cook County Commission on Women’s Issues presents the Unsung Heroine Award to 17 women from across Cook County. The selection of these heroines is organized on a district basis to ensure that women from each area of the County are recognized for their contributions to their communities.

Recipients of the Unsung Heroine Award must be residents of the County Board district from which they are nominated. They should be women who, either in a professional or volunteer capacity, have made significant contributions to their community for which they have not received widespread recognition. Elected officials are not eligible for consideration.

Nominations must be sent by Jan. 29 to or to 500 N. Dearborn St., Suite 1150, Chicago, IL 60654 or by fax to 312-645-0974.

More information is available at or by calling 312-645-9400, ext. 35.