Are you bored in the winter? There are tons of things in Evanston to do.

Here are some of them:

1. Sledding at Lovelace Park is a popular activity. The park is located at Gross Point and Isabella. There is one big hill and a few small hills. There is also sledding at James Park, located on Oakton Avenue. Sledding is allowed at the small and medium hills.

2. Evanston offers outdoor skating at many parks around the City and indoor skating at Robert Crown Center on Main Street. They offer public skating every day.

3. There are a lot of basketball games at Northwestern this season. Check for times at

4.  The Mitchell Museum of the American Indian is located at 3001
Central St. It offers activities for
families and kids, including a wigwam and craft mornings.

For more details, read the Evanston Recreation & Arts Activities book or check

Have a fun winter!
Lauren Grill, age 8, is a second grader at Kingsley Elementary School.