To the Editor:

An important election campaign is underway to choose the members of the District 202 School Board, the elected officials responsible for Evanston Township High School.  I urge Roundtable readers to vote for Mark Metz, an extraordinarily well-qualified candidate and current member of the 202 Board.

Evanston Township High School is the point at which all our young people come together for education that will prepare them for their own future and, together, to shape the future of Evanston.  We have one of the finest high schools in the nation and Mark, as a member of the Board, plays an important part in continuing and building on its tradition of excellence.

As a member of the District 202 Board, Mark Metz brings a thoughtful analytical style, tireless effort,  and an intense focus on the issues.  He listens carefully to all points of view.   He welcomes fresh ideas.  He is a strong and consistent advocate for policies that are in the best interest of the students.

Mark understands the fine points of budget policy, the result of a career in the financial industry.  It is a skill he brought to the city of Evanston as the chairman of a special committee formed to clarify the challenge of meeting the city’s pension responsibilities. 

As the parent of three children who graduated from ETHS, Mark is one who has seen firsthand all that ETHS offers as well as the challenges confronting the school.

My own long-time collaboration with Mark came through his years as President of the Evanston Baseball and Softball Association.  He led us through a period of dramatic growth in the sport in Evanston, working closely with the city to develop the remarkable set of fields at James Park.  It was no accident that after his term as the head of EBSA Mark went on to further volunteer service on the city’s Parks and Recreation Board, a position he still holds.

Hundreds of young baseball players—my own sons included– know Mark as Coach Metz.  He not only taught them the skills of the game, he imparted its values and shared with them the fun.  When we took our first teams of 12-year-olds to the well-known tournaments  in Cooperstown, Mark was the coach who took them.  Today he is a volunteer coach with the ETHS baseball team.

Mart Metz brings the dedication, skill, financial wisdom, and sense of humanity that we need in a civic leader and I encourage Roundtable readers to vote for him to continue his service on the District 202 School Board.

Ray Boyer