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Are you planning to attend the CTA Public Scoping Meeting on January 27th to understand how the Chicago Transit Authority’s long term modernization of the Purple Line will affect the condition of the CTA stations here in Evanston or how long it will take your family to get into the Chicago Loop?

Do you want to know what laws being debated in Springfield or Washington, DC will affect your family here in Evanston? Do you want to understand how the Chicago Transit Authority Board’s long term modernization of the Purple Line will affect how long it will take you and your family to get to downtown Evanston or into the Chicago Loop? Do you want to know whether the Metra Board will be making schedule changes to the UP North Line affecting your daily commute?

More importantly do you want to know how to affect these decisions so that the outcomes benefit you and other residents of the City of Evanston; the city you call home? If so, follow the link below and find out how you can become an Evanston Advocate.

What is an Evanston Advocate?

An Evanston Advocate is a resident of the city who wants to go above and beyond their normal civic engagement. An Advocate will stay educated on the state, regional and national policy decisions affecting the city through regular contact from the City of Evanston Intergovernmental Affairs Coordinator. Additionally, an Advocate will be informed of greater opportunities to engage in the process by contacting the appropriate government agencies, like the CTA or Metra Boards, or elected officials like Senators Durbin or Kirk. An Advocate will be the citizen voice for Evanston on critical issues at the regional, state and national level.

Becoming an Evanston Advocate is an effort of the city’s Intergovernmental Affairs Department to engage citizens to become more involved in the process at the state, regional and federal level—informing and promoting initiatives that will enhance the city and its residents.

Sign up today at