On Jan. 30, Mr. Baum, an attorney and a former member of the District 65 School Board, officially kicked off his campaign for a spot on the District 202 School Board. Three honorary co-chairs of his campaign, Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl, former District 202 Board President Margaret Lurie, and former District 65 Assistant Superintendent Barbara Hiller spoke in his support.

On student achievement, Mr. Baum says, “We must ensure that all students have the opportunity to achieve their highest academic potential.” On collaboration between the two School Districts, Mr. Baum says, “Our children need, and deserve, a seamless educational experience with the two districts working together hand-in-glove.”
He says he embraces the goal of the recent Freshman Humanities Restructuring proposal, but opposed the particular proposal because he believed it was “underprepared and oversold.” Now that it has been passed, he says, the District must apply all resources to make it succeed; rigorously monitor and evaluate the program; put in place all the other measures needed to maximize the achievement of all students; and make very clear that the restructuring is a step on the ladder of academic achievement that ETHS will continue to offer and not a step toward scrapping the ladder.

In the photo above, Jonathan Baum speaks with Claire Kelly at the kick-off of his campaign for the District 202 Board of Education.