– Watching a sunrise can feel like being reborn, at least for that day.

– Looking behind can be a pain in the neck.

– The edge of anything is creation waiting to happen.

–  “Virtus stat in media:” so why is the center of a seesaw so boring?

–  Watermelon without seeds ain’t worth a spit!

– One looked down and found a penny; the other looked up and saw a million stars

– X-treme stunts dare the devils to shout “Encore!”

– The future belongs to everyone who gets there first.

– When feeling lost in the crowd, look around for your life; it is there somewhere.

– The shrinking dollar is the price we pay for someone’s greed somewhere.

– “Freedom is another word for nothin’ left to lose” – except self and its responsibility to become fully alive.

– Sometimes one has to walk into darkness to find the light.

– Whatever would our world be like without a woman’s touch?

– Skyscrapers are the steeples of Capitalism.

– If faith is what is left after all else fails, should it not be even more present when everything works?

– Fish are not the only creatures who take the bait.

– Why does so much of today’s wisdom seem as old as the Bible?

– People with pets have the beginnings of knowing how many loves one heart can hold.

– Words, often the finery of wisdom, can in an instant strip their speaker naked.

– Ever wonder why flies with all their eyes get stuck on fly-covered fly paper?

– “Do unto others” works best when others “…do likewise.”

– If this is all there is / and in death I find it so / I may feel like a fool but what the heck, / who will be around to know?