Dear Editor: 

We are writing in support of Katie Bailey’s candidacy for a second term on the District 65 School Board.  We have lived most of our adult lives in Evanston, as well as one of us growing up here and attending Evanston public schools.  Through our four children, we’ve been involved with District 65 for 10 years.  We met Katie in 1995, and have since developed a strong friendship through helping each other as neighbors, raising children of similar ages, and volunteering together at Dewey School.  We believe that the qualities that have solidified our friendship are the same qualities that have made her an asset to the school board during her first term.  Katie is intelligent, energetic, curious, and hardworking and she has a good sense of humor.  Moreover, she is not timid about either discussing difficult issues or casting a dissenting vote.  We have every confidence that Katie will continue to foster positive and productive relationships with teachers, administrators, colleagues and community members.  We urge you to elect Katie on April 5. 

Brian Gratch and Michelle Ney