I am writing to express how excited I am about the candidacy of Eileen Budde for District 65 School Board.  Eileen received an engineering degree from Cornell and then worked in the field for five years. Later, she realized her passion was education, and she went on to receive her MA.Ed, in Math Education from Rutgers.

I am excited at the prospect of having a board member who, as a teacher herself, is sensitive to the fact that our teachers are the critical resource we are relying on for our children’s success. I wholeheartedly agree with her contention that District 65 should aim to prepare kids to compete in the world economy (there are some very interesting articles on the topic at http://eileenfordistrict65.com/my-vision/  ). Competing on this level will be impossible without an accurate view of where District 65 kids stand today, so I also support Ms. Budde in taking a close look at the measures currently used for assessing achievement.  

Last, it goes without saying that engagement by the Board with all members of the community and listening and communicating clearly are areas where many of us are hoping to see improvement. Eileen Budde is right there with us.  District 65 has many challenges, so I am grateful that such a highly-qualified candidate is running now. Remember to take advantage of early voting (beginning March 14) as the election takes place during Spring Break!   

Stephanie Crowne