I am pleased to write this statement of support and recommendation for Mr. Keith Terry.

As part of a long line of family advocates for quality education, find Mr. Terry’s leadership in support of students transformative.  I began following District 65 school board proceedings in 1997.

 Through the years, it was not uncommon for parents and community members to listen patiently to panels mull over and revisit one single issue for months on end.

  As stated on ISBE’s website:    The fundamental role of a school board member “as charged  by  law with governing a school district, sits in trust for its community.  The obligation to govern effectively imposes some fundamental duties :  1 ) The  board clarifies the district purpose, 2 ) The board connects with the community, 3 ) The board employs a superintendent, 4 ) The board  delegate’s authority to the superintendent, 5 ) The  board monitors performance, 6 ) The board takes  responsibility for itself”.

 Unfortunately, there are times Evanstonians  elect school board candidates to sit in trust who confuse their role with that of the superintendent  of schools, administration, or  management.

   Fortunately, Mr. Terry comprehends the difference between his essential duties and those of school district personnel.  With his focus primarily on student’s best interests and the fundamental tasks of a school board member, he is more apt to execute the job with accuracy and effectiveness.

  Mr. Terry possesses many diverse characteristics  that  Evanstonians value which are  not easily replaced.  For example, his  ability to think independently  while working  collaboratively,  interrogate  complex situations intelligently,  raise relevant questions, provide sound input, listen attentively, and act in a decisive manner are inherent to his character.
For more information visit:  www.keithterry465.com.   

            Tressa Randolph