Dear Parents/Guardians: 

Recently, six students became sick at school and some were sent to the hospital after eating brownies laced with marijuana. A student had baked the brownies, which had a large amount of marijuana in them, and brought them to school. It appears the students involved knew what they were eating. Eating drug-laced foods can result in illness and overdoses. This incident is now a police matter. These students will also face school discipline for breaking substance-abuse rules and, if appropriate, extracurricular code sanctions.

We urge you to be very attentive to this concern. Please warn your children about accepting homemade baked goods from others. And please talk with your children about the dangers of drug use, of being under the influence, and the legal problems they can face from using illegal drugs.

If you are concerned about your child using drugs, or if you have any other substance-abuse issues you’d like to talk over with a professional counselor, contact Cristina Cortesi, ETHS Student Assistance Services Coordinator, at 847-424-7580.

Let’s all work together to keep our students safe.


Eric Witherspoon, Ph.D.