It is our responsibility to become informed and vote thoughtfully on the upcoming D202 Evanston Township High School School Board elections.  We congratulate all candidates – it is a very difficult and time-consuming job when done correctly.  We urge you to join us in casting one of your votes for Mark Metz, a current member of the D202 board, and a hard working civic leader.

We know Mark personally, and not even through baseball!  Our families went to church and vacationed together, and we had many a discussion, whether in our homes or around campfires, about faith, raising kids, and the joy and challenges family represents.  Among us we have proudly sent 9 children to ETHS.

For us, Mark embodies one of the goals we talked about in those late-night conversations:  making a great education available to all Evanston students.  As an incumbent on the Board, Mark rigorously studied the proposal to eliminate straight honors freshman Humanities courses. After talking to teachers, administrators, curriculum advisors, and students, both for and against, he chose to support the proposal.  While bold, the proposal is a step in the right direction:  well executed, it can have lasting benefit for many more students than it may inconvenience.

Mark Metz brings the values of family and education, service before self, an open mind and an ability to work with a wide swath of independent thinkers, a trait that will be necessary to make initiatives like the new freshman humanities program succeed.  We can count on him to hold the administration accountable, and it will be up to us to do the same for the School Board.  Voting is just the first step.

Metz for ETHS!

Joan Kelly

Cristie Traina