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Thumbnail profile: Cornell University, School of Engineering, B.S. (1987); Rutgers University, Graduate School of Education M.Ed. in math education (1996). Worked as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs, Citicorp and American Express, 1987-1993. Mathematics teacher (full-time) at various Catholic and independent schools in New York, Ohio, New Jersey and Virginia, 1993-2007. After moving to Evanston, math department tutor at Glenbrook North High School – provided individual tutoring as part of Response to Intervention plans for students; currently tutoring privately – 2009-10. Three children in District 65, at Dewey and Nichols schools.

Civic Activities: PTA president at Nichols Middle School, formerly Nichols PTA Secretary. As a volunteer, has taught math enrichment to second-graders, read to children in the Books and Breakfast program at Dewey and served as a room parent. Has overseen several fundraisers as well as a Spanish-language enrichment program in Richmond, Va. and at Dewey.

The importance of preparing students to be on track for college and career readiness, what the Board should do to ensure that is done:

“We chose to settle in Evanston for the same reason that my husband’s family chose it 40 years ago – the excellent schools and diverse community. Here our children have teachers with high academic expectations.  This is very important because the competition our children will face in college and in their careers is greater than ever. I want our schools to prepare all of Evanston’s children to meet these challenges – to have the skills and creativity to compete with students in Indiana and California, India and China.

“I want to ensure that we prepare all of our children for success in high school and college.  We should benchmark ourselves against the best schools and use meaningful measures to evaluate our progress toward this goal. We should also benchmark our spending against districts that get the highest achievement for their taxpayers’ investment.”

A summary of two or three top priorities as a Board member:

“Great teachers are one of the district’s most valuable assets. We need to do everything we can to ensure that all of our children are taught by highly qualified and motivated teachers. Most teachers are passionate about their jobs and about providing the best education possible. Good training and collaboration with colleagues are very important when learning to serve children in new ways, such as through inclusion and differentiation. On the school board I will work to ensure that we provide teachers the tools they need to help all of our children succeed.

“The school board should act as a liaison between the community and the administration.  Transparency and clear communication are crucial in creating an atmosphere of trust between parents and the district. I see the function of the school board like that of a good teacher, setting high expectations, helping to achieve them and ensuring accountability. As a school board member, I intend to continuously educate myself on the issues and persistently ask good questions so we can do our best for all of Evanston’s children.”

What Ms. Budde says she brings to the table that would make her an effective Board member:

“As a volunteer and a parent with three children in the schools, I have first-hand, current knowledge of our schools. I currently serve as a PTA president and I understand the competing demands on children, families, and teachers. As a math teacher, I have taught a wide variety of students and I know the challenges teachers face serving a diverse community and maintaining high standards for all children. I will be a strong advocate of solutions that work for all.”

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The candidate profiles were compiled by the RoundTable based on information provided by the five candidates for the District 65 School Board. The RoundTable asked each candidate to provide background information and to respond to three questions: 1) What is your view on the importance of preparing students to be on track for college and career readiness, and what the Board should do, if anything, to ensure that is done?; 2) Provide a summary of two or three or your top priorities as a Board member; and 3) what do you bring to the table that would make you an effective Board member? The RoundTable set a word limit for these three questions, so the candidates’ responses should be regarded as only a summary of their views.