Four teams of Evanston Township High School students earned top rankings in the 2010 COMAP High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM).

Teams used mathematical reasoning, modeling and computer-generated algorithms to recommend a solution for one of the contest problems: Bicycle Rental Program or Curbing City Violence. Teams were allowed a consecutive 36-hour period in November 2010 to complete the contest problem and prepare the Solution Paper. Papers were submitted to COMAP for judging by a panel of mathematics educators.

ETHS seniors Paul Barnes, Alexander J. Dangel, David Lenz, and Oliver M. Manheim comprised the team that received the top honor, National Outstanding, for their Solution Paper.

The ETHS team shared this rank with only eight other teams, placing ETHS in the top 3 percent of all entries. Other top-ranked teams represented high schools in the United States (four teams), a high school in Hong Kong (three teams), and a high school in Shanghai, China (one team). Papers produced by the top nine teams will be published in professional journals distributed by COMAP.

Two ETHS teams received Regional Outstanding recognition. Team members were: Elliot Chanen, Gabriel R. Dallas, Joshua D. Isenstein, and Samuel Sagan, all juniors; Matthew Foster, Adam Gwilliam, Caroline Tybout, and Seesha R. Takagishi, all seniors.

Erik M. Baker

The coaches for the ETHS teams were Peter D. Decraene, Glenford Gordon and Mark F. Vondracek.

(junior), Elias Friedman (junior), Judah A. Schvimer (senior), and Sam T. Straus (junior) were members of the ETHS team that received the Meritorious honor. Nine additional Evanston teams placed either as honorable mention or successful participants.