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Thumbnail Profile: Kenyon College, B.A. in economics; University of Pennsylvania’s The Wharton School of Business, MBA. After moving to Evanston in 1988, worked first at Baxter Healthcare Corporation and later for Reed Exhibition Companies, where she helped develop their trade show business by establishing strategies in both existing and new markets. Continued to work part-time for Reed through 2006. Four children, one at Dewey, one at Nichols and two at ETHS.

Civic Activities: Currently a member of the District 65 School Board. On the D65 School Board has served as chair of the finance committee, the policy committee, and the ad hoc sustainability/green committee, and has served on four other committees. In the past 10 years activities include: PTA president and treasurer of Dewey School; School Improvement Teams at Dewey and Nichols; volunteer activities in the classroom and school; Evanston Baseball and Softball Association Board member and fest chair; YWCA “Kick in for the Pool” Campaign Committee.

The importance of preparing students to be on track for college and career readiness, what the Board should do to ensure that is done:

“President Obama has called for states to ‘successfully … implement college and career readiness standards’ allowing communities to evaluate educational excellence from K-12.  We need to translate this to Evanston creatively and effectively, our schools and each child. To meet this challenge, our district needs to:

• Embrace the “Common Core Standards” now supported by more than 40 states

• Enhance professional development

• Set meaningful goals for College/Career readiness and measure ourselves against these goals

• Determine what readiness means for younger children – academically, socially and emotionally

• Think beyond reading and math readiness – include science, social studies and the arts

• Discuss curricular issues that aid in ‘career planning’ and 

• Continue to improve collaboration with ETHS.”

A summary of two or three top
priorities as a Board member

“D65’s greatest challenge is continued improvement in achievement for students whether they need additional supports or are at the top of their class – and to do this in an unstable funding environment. Our district has never been managed with a one-size-fits-all philosophy. Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances and we must meet the needs of each student. At the same time we must never forget our responsibility to be stewards of taxpayer dollars. Despite the recent income tax increase, Illinois’ financial condition is dire. Unfortunately we depend on state funds – when they do not come or arrive late, this impacts our ability to fully fund the programs that best serve our students.

“Other top priorities include:

• Implementation of college/career readiness initiatives 

• Increased expectations for our middle-school students

• Better and consistent use of data to measure achievement, family satisfaction and programs, and

• Maintenance of our schools and improvements in our facilities.”

What Ms. Bailey says she brings to the table that would make her an effective Board member:

“I have a proven ability to work hard, to understand the diverse and complex issues facing our district, and to communicate with families, teachers, staff and fellow board members.  I have an understanding of effective board governance, and my leadership abilities will help guide the board as it faces unknown challenges, including the evolving financial constraints we face. 

“I have consistently collaborated with the board, the administration, the teachers and the community to achieve results – examples include completing the strategic plan, successfully managing the budget during difficult financial times, supporting data-driven teacher evaluations, implementing a family, community and teacher survey and constant attention to sustainability.

“Most important, I bring a track record of compassion, community- involvement and responsiveness to the varied needs facing families and children across our community.”

Katie Bailey’s website is

The candidate profiles were compiled by the RoundTable based on information provided by the five candidates for the District 65 School Board. The RoundTable asked each candidate to provide background information and to respond to three questions: 1) What is your view on the importance of preparing students to be on track for college and career readiness, and what the Board should do, if anything, to ensure that is done?; 2) Provide a summary of two or three or your top priorities as a Board member; and 3) what do you bring to the table that would make you an effective Board member? The RoundTable set a word limit for these three questions, so the candidates’ responses should be regarded as only a summary of their views.