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Thumbnail Profile: University of Wisconsin-Madison, B.S. in bacteriology (1985); University of Chicago Booth School of Business, MBA (1989). Has worked in the pharmaceutical sector for 20 years, holding senior management positions with Ocularis Pharma, PathoGensis Corporation, Chiron, Abbott Labs and Upjohn. Co-founder and former senior vice president of Ocularis Pharma, and the managing partner of Terry Partners, Inc. Resident of Evanston for 18 years. Three children, two of whom have graduated from District 65 and one who is attending Chute school.

Civic Activities: Current member of District 65 School Board. On the School Board, has served as president of the Board (second year) and chair of the Board’s finance committee. Member of Chessmen of the North Shore; member of the steering committee for FAAM and Your Future; member Chute PTA; member of CEO Roundtable; member of the Board of Directors of GoodCity, the Evanston Youth Job Center and Foundation 65.

The importance of preparing students to be on track for college and career readiness, what the Board should do to ensure that is done:

“The most important job of a Public Board of Education is to ensure that the children in its care are achieving academically and that they have options for the future, be it college or a career. As a sitting board member, I have never lost sight of that goal. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect and demand that Evanston’s public education school system will produce students that are on track for success in high school, on track for success in college, and on track for a productive and successful career. 

“In order to ensure the above for
all, D65 must focus on the following:
1) review our curriculum in light of the shift towards college and career readiness; if the curriculum is working stay the course, if it is not, change it; 2) intensify collaboration with Evanston Township High School (ETHS) as well as other national institutions to ensure that our students are on that track to succeed at the next level of their educational careers; 3) as a board, we must keep our vision on the future, having the courage to implement innovative teaching and educational solutions that keep all students on track for a successful life.”

A summary of two or three top priorities as a Board member:

 “Our focus should also be on:

• Academic Achievement

• Ensure the system is working for every student, including but not limited to enrichment, special education, ACC, TWI, middle school, improvement in science

• Work to reduce the achievement gap

• Capital Improvement to our schools – taking them into the 21st century

• Quicken the pace of school modernization and improvements

• Continued focus on the District’s Strategic Plan”

 What Mr. Terry says he brings to the table that would make him an effective Board member:

“I bring leadership, integrity and experience.

“Leadership matters because the Board has to navigate to action on the vast array of issues. During my first term I focused intensely on helping the Board forge the consensus necessary to get things done. 

“Integrity matters because I have stayed true to the principles I ran on in 2007: student achievement; objective and fair decision-making; communication across barriers; and my perspective as a parent.

“Experience matters because the Board faces complex challenges. As Board President I have set an aggressive agenda. I have also served as Finance Chair, as a member of the Joint D65 & D202 committee, as a member of the Board’s negotiation team for the teachers’ contract, and as an advocate for increased parental and community involvement in education.”

Keith Terry’s website is

The candidate profiles were compiled by the RoundTable based on information provided by the five candidates for the District 65 School Board. The RoundTable asked each candidate to provide background information and to respond to three questions: 1) What is your view on the importance of preparing students to be on track for college and career readiness, and what the Board should do, if anything, to ensure that is done?; 2) Provide a summary of two or three or your top priorities as a Board member; and 3) what do you bring to the table that would make you an effective Board member? The RoundTable set a word limit for these three questions, so the candidates’ responses should be regarded as only a summary of their views.