Dear Editor:

I would like to add my voice to the many that are supporting Katie Bailey for District 65 School Board reelection. Katie has been one of the most active members of the District 65 School Board during the past four years, and her ability to listen to many different ideas and opinions before making decisions has helped her keep important issues and concerns before the board. Katie has been one of the driving forces in District 65’s move toward being a more sustainable entity. She has worked with the Green Committee to help create a “No Idle” policy for our school district, has worked on reducing waste and increasing recycling in our schools, and has moved discussions forward on healthy menus in our schools. Katie also understands the importance of better preparing our young people for careers as well as college. She will work to better prepare our students for the transition to ETHS and ensure that they have the skills necessary to succeed in whatever they decide are their future goals. Her experience and dedication make her the best candidate to help ensure that our future generations receive the education and tools they need to succeed.  Please join me in voting for Katie on April 5.

 Dick Peach