Re-elect Katie Bailey

When Evanstonians discuss the quality of life here, schools are often at the forefront of the conversation. Citizens in our community believe that all students should be nurtured, enriched and encouraged, so that they may achieve their full potential. But though we take pride in our schools, we know they are not perfect. Recognizing our schools’ challenges, Katie Bailey has effectively advocated for change as a member of the District 65 School Board – advancing solutions to make our schools better.  As the Chair of the Finance Committee, she helped to balance the district’s strapped budget, keeping cuts far from the classroom and away from students.   

Katie Bailey has also been an effective advocate for our community because she knows it so well. Before running for the school board, Katie served as the PTA President at Dewey School; Katie participated in the School Improvement Team at Nichols; and Katie supported Evanston’s Baseball and Softball Association. Katie has not only been a great mother to her four children, but, as her community involvement demonstrates, she also has been a dedicated supporter of all Evanston children. Katie knows this community and its people. Let’s make sure that Katie can keep up the great work she’s been doing. Re-elect Katie Bailey on April 5th!  

Patrick Keenan-Devlin