Eileen Budde is running for a seat on the District 65 Board and I urge my fellow Evanston citizens to support her candidacy. Since coming to Evanston, Eileen has thrown herself into  the community and especially our schools. Being an educator of some experience she has brought a wealth of expertise and skill to her many involvements. Her credentials include years of teaching math in a variety of school settings, volunteering with the PTA as well as being president of her local PTA (Nichols), and such varied activities as volunteering in math enrichment programs for 2nd graders and the Books and Breakfast Program at Dewey.

Eileen studied engineering at Cornell University, earned an M.Ed. in math education and taught a variety of students in both Catholic and public high schools. She is the mother of three District 65 students and moved back to her husband’s home, Evanston, in part because she admired the education he received here. She would bring to the Board intelligence, thoughtfulness, energy and a fairness which respects the many points of view present in our diverse community. For more information visit her website at www.eileenfordistrict65.com.

Many years ago I had the honor of serving on our City Council. Those years taught me that of all the levels of government we have, local government is the most directly related to the quality of our community. And of those local governments, our schools were perhaps the single most important variable people considered when deciding where they want to live and raise their families. It is vital that we keep our schools strong and our Boards filled with people who have the qualities Eileen brings to this candidacy. As one of my friends put it when we were discussing the election, “Eileen finds it impossible not to do an excellent job at anything she undertakes”.

I hope you will join me in putting Eileen on District 65 board. 

Don Borah