Dear Editor, 

From this perspective, we are writing to encourage you to vote for our friend Eileen Budde for a seat on the District 65 School Board. 

Eileen has the experience, training and commitment to represent Evanston families on the School Board, and will work effectively to ensure high quality education in District 65 schools. Eileen is personally committed to our schools as the parent of three District 65 children, as well as a PTA president, a volunteer and a teacher:

            1. Eileen currently serves as the President of the Nichols PTA, and served as the Nichols PTA Secretary. She has chaired and co-chaired many PTA programs – including a Spanish language enrichment program, successful fundraising, and other school activities and family events.

            2. As a volunteer, she has taught math enrichment to second-graders, read to children in the Books and Breakfast program at Dewey, and served as a room parent. 

            3. An experienced math teacher, Eileen has taught a wide variety of students in highly diverse settings, including private, public, parochial, urban and suburban schools. She knows the challenges that teachers face while serving a diverse community and maintaining high standards for all children.

            4. Eileen studied engineering at Cornell University and then earned an M.Ed. in Math Education. To learn more about Eileen, go to her website,  

Jacqueline and Henry Henderson