Tom and Shelley Tench for Richard Rykhus


We support Richard Rykhus in his bid for Evanston-Skokie District 65 Board of Education. 

We have both met Richard and feel that he has a unique set of experiences, perspective and insight that will accrue to Evanston’s benefit if he is elected to the Board. 

With a Masters degree in Education and Social Policy from Northwestern and a career in corporate learning Richard is highly qualified and ambitious.

He has served in both business and non-profit settings and believes that good decisions and strategy come through thoughtful, efficient evaluation of data.  This discipline will prove invaluable to Evanston, where increasing expectations of parents and all citizens are being met with tightening federal and state budgets.

He believes that Evanstonians can expect more of our schools if we set measureable targets not only for our teachers but for our principals and administrators as well. He will work hard for us to implement a balanced performance management plan at ALL levels of District 65.

Richard has the personality and tenacity to serve effectively on our Board.  He will reconcile the concerns of our citizens with the capabilities of our educators and administrators.

Early voting starts March 14th.  Please get to the polls and vote for Richard Rykhus.  

Tom and Shelley Tench