As someone who served on the District 202 Board for 20 years and was president three times, I can’t tell you how excited I am to have someone of the caliber of Jonathan Baum put his hat in the ring. 

Evanston Township High School is the most important institution in this community.  It is the place where all the diverse elements of our town come together.  Its excellence is renowned, as are its myriad of AP classes, extra-curricular activities and incredible programs like Chem-Phys and Project Lead the Way, a nationally acclaimed pre-engineering program.  And it is hard to imagine a school that offers more comprehensive support than our System of Supports, an early-morning program providing academic support, tailored to the needs of all students at every academic level. 

Our high school needs board members who are committed to maintaining this excellence and I know that Jonathan is determined to do this. 

I have been so impressed, in the course of this campaign, with Jonathan’s willingness to reach out to candidates from District 65 and to consider the opinions of others who might have views different from his own.  This openness will serve him well as a board member. 

Jonathan’s record of service as a pro-bono lawyer, as a recipient of the Public Interest Law Initiative 2010 Distinguished Public Service Award and as a member of the District 65 Board makes him remarkably able to serve on the 202 Board.  In addition, the fact that his children currently attend the high school will help him to understand the impact of the decisions the board makes. 

We need a person on the 202 Board who can look at issues with clarity, who is not overly-impressed or confused by educationese or hype, and who can clearly see when the emperor has no clothes. 

Please join me in supporting Jonathan, the best candidate to be a truly important, valuable steward for our children and this community. 

Margaret Lurie

Member, District 202 Board of Education, 1989-2009