Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Katie Bailey’s campaign for the District 65 School Board.  I met Katie this past summer when I was having difficulty enrolling my daughter in our neighborhood elementary school.  I have been a teacher myself for eighteen years and have worked with several large school districts so I was preparing myself for the bureaucratic worst as I approached a school district for the first time as a parent.  Entering your child in public school can be a daunting and emotional experience and I was pleasantly surprised when Katie proved to be a knowledgeable, sincere and helpful guide in this process.  I had written an e-mail to the board with some of my registration concerns and was shocked when Katie called me back the same day.  She listened to my situation and responded with compassion and advice but most importantly she let me know that someone at District 65 heard me.  She made this big “institution” seem small, approachable and friendly and I really appreciated this.  Katie Bailey is an engaged and caring board member who willingly takes the time to talk to the parents and children she represents. 

Laurie Olson-Perkins