Karen Hawk, Douglas Gaynor, Sandi Johnson, Christina Ferraro, Audrey Thompson, Jim Kiefer and Bob Dorneker participated in last week’s celebration at the Levy Center, when the center received national recognition and accreditation.

The Levy Center celebrated receiving accreditation from the National Council on Aging – National Institute of Senior Centers on Feb. 18.

Sandi Johnson, an Evanston resident and current member of the National Accreditation Board, said only 200 of the 11,000 senior centers in the United States have received accreditation, and only six senior centers in Illinois are accredited. She said a senior center is measured against nine different standards, including the quality of the facility, the range of services provided, and how well the center works with other community organizations.

Ms. Johnson said the on-site reviewer lauded, “the committed staff and volunteers … the fabulous facility … and the outreach efforts to different ethnic groups and younger seniors.”

Jim Kiefer, Levy Center Advisory Board Chair and member of the Levy Center’s Accreditation Committee, said the Levy Center has a wonderful facility, great programming and committed staff. He thanked everyone who worked on the accreditation process.

Doug Gaynor, the City’s director of parks, recreation and community service, said, “I couldn’t be prouder of what has occurred here at the senior center in the last few years. … The accreditation is an affirmation of the Levy Center’s providing quality programs.” Addressing the crowd of more than 100 seniors who
attended the event, he said, “You have one of the greatest staffs that you could possibly wish for.”