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Thumbnail Profile:  Evanston native; ETHS alumnus; BA, Morehouse College; MS in Education and J.D., University of Illinois. Attorney for Querry and Harrow law firm representing local school districts on a myriad of educational and legal issues.

Civic activities: Suzuki-Orff School of Music Board of Directors; Cook County Bar Association Job Fair Executive Committee; Chicago Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Committee Executive Board and Young Lawyers Section Executive Board; Center for Independent Futures Auxiliary Board; Leaders for Lawyers Lend-A-Hand to Youth Board

The importance of preparing students to be on track for college and career readiness, what the Board should do to ensure that is done:

“I believe that it is critical for ETHS to prepare its students to excel in college and a career. We owe each and every student the opportunity to reach success in whichever path they choose. I am delighted to see that post-secondary planning is one of the Board’s current goals.”

“The Applied Science and Technology department has developed several initiatives under the Career Pathways program. As a Board member I will strongly support the development of additional Career Pathway programs.”

“I will also encourage the administration to develop and implement an aggressive Career Pathway marketing program designed to make students and parents aware of these programs and to encourage students to take advantage of them.”

A summary of two or three top priorities as a Board member:

“We must continue to ensure a high level of instruction to all students without jeopardizing the integrity of our academic curriculum. This cannot be done without effective; data based policies, critical evaluation and intensive monitoring to ensure that the quality of education for all students is continually enriched.  I plan to provide the necessary critical analysis of any and all policies enacted and painstakingly evaluate the implementation and results in order to provide data based insight for the future.”

“One of my key priorities is to establish effective accountability initiatives for the Board as well as the administration and staff. The Board must hold itself and the administration accountable to its stakeholders, i.e. the students, parents, taxpayers and anyone who has an investment in the school.”

“I will advocate for an aggressive outreach and communication program to better engage our stakeholders in the educational process. It is imperative that we see increased board interaction and partnering with students, parents, and the community. We cannot wait until election season to begin speaking with our constituents and gathering to share ideas.”

What Mr. Rochelle says he brings to the table that would make him an effective Board member:

“I plan to utilize my extensive experience as an educational policy analyst and education attorney to provide a much needed critical eye towards the policies that shape the educational experience at Evanston Township High School.”

“Throughout my career of educational advocacy I have utilized my training in educational policy analysis to work closely with education professionals at every level of education, including higher education.”

“My passion for education has driven me to continue academic research and incorporate a legal perspective to policy analysis. I have drafted a number of articles on the impact of diversity, standardized testing, and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Today I continue to research ways in which schools and parents can better collaborate to meet the needs of children with special needs.”

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These profiles were compiled by theRoundTable based on information provided by the five candidates for the District 202 School Board. The RoundTable asked each candidate to provide background information and to respond to three questions: 1) What is your view on the importance of preparing students to be on track for college and career readiness, and what the Board should do, if anything, to ensure that is done?; 2) Provide a summary of two or three or your top priorities as a Board member; and 3) what do you bring to the table that would make you an effective Board member? The RoundTable set a word limit for these three questions, so the candidates’ responses should be regarded as only a summary of their views. For a more complete exposition of their views, the RoundTable encourages readers to visit the candidates’ websites (listed below), attend one or more of the candidate forums, or attend a coffee.