Retired English professor Doug Cole made this snow valentine for his wife of 53 years, Ginny.

…that the City plans to purchase a recycling truck for $153,170 from Trans-Chicago Truck Group. We’ll be getting all our street-sweepers repaired by one company, the Standard Equipment Company of Chicago. Maybe now we won’t see those little moraines of leaves and water after they pass.

… that new garbage carts are on the way, to be, well, rolled out this month, starting with the Wednesday routes. Remember, if your old cart is full of holes, the ones on the top are generally from squirrels and those on the bottom, from rats.

… that the City’s 311 center was unveiled yesterday – at 3:11 p.m. on 3-1-11, at a cost to the taxpayers of only about $680,000. This City really knows how to fund information technology: We close a branch library but open this thing. Maybe the 311 operators will answer calls about reading materials, too.

… that the Brummell Richmond Tot Lot will be renovated this year. It’s a tiny, cozy tot lot in southwest Evanston.

… that, as the snow recedes, the winter’s ravages are beginning to reveal themselves in the widening potholes. Water (rain or snowmelt) fills a pothole, then, if it freezes, this causes an expansion of the hole. What TG doesn’t understand – and there are doubtless readers out there who can explain – is why, if freezing contracts (ice in a pothole, for example), that same action is said to expand the hole. Is the expansion caused by water seeping farther into the hole, into cracks?

Speaking of winter stuff, TG hears that Public Works Director Suzette Robinson received a standing ovation at the State of the City lunch last week for her Herculean job (think Augean stables) of supervising the clearing of snow off streets and alleys during the Ground Hog Day blizzard and its aftermath.

… that there is good news for those who bicycle in Chicago: The Chicago Plan Commission approved a major Lakefront Trail project commonly known as the Navy Pier Flyover. The Active Transportation Alliance says, “The cutting-edge bridge design will create safer conditions and provide congestion relief for cyclists, pedestrians and other trail-users on the trail near Navy Pier.”

… that there is bad news for Evanstonians and residents of North Evanston in particular: There seems to be momentum in the Civic Center to close the Chandler-Newberger Center, the Ecology Center and the Noyes Cultural Arts Center. Watch out for City Council meetings (special and regular), check out their agendas and talk to your alderfolks.

… that Doug Cole, a retired English professor from Northwestern made a snow valentine for his wife, Ginny.  The two have been married 53 years.

… that Dan Sinker, who wrote the twitter spoof of Emanuel’s campaign and outed himself about it Monday, is an ETHS grad and an Evanstonian. Wonder who or what will be the next object of the tweetorahma.

… naming rights are for sale: The City Council has approved “guidelines regarding sponsorship, advertising and strategic supplier relationships for the City of Evanston. The policy provides guidelines for the solicitation of advertising and marketing partnerships.”

TG envisions the new Groot Mt. Trashmore, Culligan Ice Rinks, Hinkley & Schmitt lagoons, Trump Towers sponsoring the sandcastle-building contest. What about Seventh Generation restrooms along the lakefront? Maybe an ice cream company could sponsor our streets with their logo and pictures of ice cream cones filled with – what else? – Rocky Road.

From our readers: TG: Hi, I read your column all the time and I saw your plea for change. My super friendly staff at Kafein is always happy to give change for the meters.  Please send all parkers our way – and we even give four quarters for a dollar. Thanks much, Irene, Kafein, 1621 Chicago Ave.

From TG: Thanks, Irene, for the offer from this cozy, friendly coffee house.

TG: Maybe the first sign of spring is a fox so sick of the cold, he comes out in full view to take a snooze under my backyard spruce tree, resting on a bed of needles, eyeing the snow receding before him. Linda Gartz.

From TG: Thanks Ms. Gartz. There’s probably a bit of that fox in all of us.

TG hears that a couple of early-morning walkers in northwest Evanston saw a raccoon apparently so comfortable with his surroundings that he loped along Lincoln Avenue, up the sidewalk to a residence and seemed to make himself at home on the front porch behind a planter.

The Traffic Guy thinks …

… that now is the time to clean up winter’s debris. Speaking of debris, it seems that Lake Michigan, and maybe all the Great Lakes, are free of those floating islands of plastic and garbage that plague parts of our oceans. Does anyone know if this is indeed the case?

… that it would be good if the City can maximize this sponsorship deal, not just getting paid to display corporate logos on our fair landscape but actually marketing Evanston as a commodity or product to be placed in  movies and ads. Companies can pay us for using our name or our City in any movie. Two recent examples: “Contagion” was filmed here for a day. Also, viewers of the movie “Red” were treated to a scene at the Evanston Utility Plant – not, in fact, our lovely landmark waterworks building but a set reminiscent of dirty, drippy CTA underpasses. Someone should pay for using our name and disparaging our waterworks.

Don’t forget to spring forward at 2 a.m. on March 13.