The City of Evanston has contracted with Victoria Granacki and Lara Ramsey of Granacki Historic Consultants to conduct an architectural survey. The purpose of the survey is to assess approximately 323 structures included within the Evanston Lakeshore Historic District, prepare an inventory of their architectural features and current condition, and denote any changes to the structures over time. The survey begins this week and the information will be provided to the City in the form of a computerized database as well as hard copy.

The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency awarded a $12,000 federal grant to the City of Evanston to conduct the survey. The city’s share of $5,200 or 30% of the total cost is being matched in kind with additional volunteer work and staff work. The total cost of the survey is $17,200.

The survey boundaries correspond to a southern section of the district, and are roughly described as follows: south side of Greenleaf Street (between Lakeshore Blvd. and Hinman Avenue) to the north; north side of South Boulevard (between Judson Avenue and Forest Avenue) to the south; Sheridan Road, Edgemere Court and Lakeshore Blvd (between Keeney Street and Greenleaf Street) to the east; and Michigan Avenue (between Lee Street and Kedzie Street) and Hinman Avenue (between Lee Street and Greenleaf Street) to the west.

Download architectural and historical survey here>>>

The compiled information will be used to make informed decisions regarding City preservation planning, community development projects, and rehabilitation plans for individual buildings. Property tax assessments are not being changed as part of this survey.

The survey will include photographic documentation of the exterior of each primary and secondary structure in the survey area. Photographs will be taken from the public right-of-way where possible. In some cases, surveyors may be required to walk down driveways to photograph secondary structures (detached garages, sheds, etc). Survey results and photographs will be kept by the City of Evanston, and will be made available online.

Any questions or concerns about this survey should be directed to:

Carlos D. Ruiz
Senior Planner/Preservation Coordinator
Community and Economic Development Department
Planning and Zoning Division
City of Evanston, IL