I have lived in Evanston for over 10 years.  My children are all currently attending Dewey and Nichols schools.  I am happy to recommend Eileen Budde as a candidate for school board. 

I believe that Eileen is uniquely qualified to understand the problems that the district faces from the perspective of parent, teacher, tutor and volunteer.  She has the ability to look at each issue with a critical eye and come up with solutions which will be effective in the short and long term.

Eileen has three children and has taught both public and private school.  She has served as PTA president and has run many PTA programs.  We have benefitted greatly from her involvement and insight as she has strategically navigated budgetary and logistical restraints.  

Eileen’s educational background is remarkable.  She graduated from Cornell with an engineering degree and went on to earn an M. Ed in Math Education.

 Eileen is a good listener and a good friend.  She is intelligent, kind and thoughtful, with a talent for getting to the heart of a problem.  She has tutored my child in math and has given her the confidence to do well in a very challenging class. 

Eileen’s commitment to the community is evident in many ways and I believe that she would be a valuable asset to District 65. 

Suzanne Whiting