I write with enthusiastic support for Jonathan Baum for District 202 School Board. I have spent over 30 years working to improve K-12 education and am confident that Jonathan is someone who is committed to improving all aspects of ETHS. Jonathan has the unique ability to understand the complex issues facing K-12 education. He will use his knowledge and skills to focus on the issues that face ETHS and will push District 202 and District 65 to work collaboratively in the years ahead. 

What impresses me most about Jonathan is his ability and willingness to address controversial issues in a transparent and honest manner. He did so during his service as a District 65 School Board Member. During the recent deliberations on the freshman honors program at ETHS, Jonathan pushed the school board and superintendent to be open to the input of stakeholders, to pay attention to the evaluation results from the mixed-honors program pilot, and to plan far into the future rather than solely the year ahead. While many offered their support for change at the high school, Jonathan questioned how the program would be implemented and how teachers and administrators would learn to truly differentiate instruction in mixed-honors classrooms. He asked for an honest evaluation of these important next steps for ETHS. 

Jonathan’s questions and concerns reflect what all Evanstonians should want from our school board members – representatives who are supportive of efforts to provide equitable educational opportunities for all students while ensuring that essential components are in place to make such programs and initiatives a success. Jonathan Baum will serve District 202 and Evanston well. 

Paul Goren