The City of Evanston will start distribution of new 95 gallon garbage carts to replace those single city issued containers which are in disrepair starting March 7, 2011.

Distribution will follow the garbage collection area map which breaks the City into four (4) separate areas. Initial cart distribution will begin in those areas of the City whose normal garbage collection day is on Wednesday with replacements scheduled to take place during the month of March. From that area, distribution will proceed as follows:

Collection Day      Replacement Month  

Wednesday                March
Thursday                     April
Monday                        May
Tuesday                      June

Cart distribution progress updates will be posted on the City website, and local areas will be notified through use of signage as to when the new cart distribution team will be on their streets. Old carts should be left out in their normal collection spot when the local signage is posted to speed pickup and removal. Old carts will be recycled.

If residents have any questions regarding this program, they should call 3-1-1 or 847/448-4311.