I am writing because I am concerned, as I’m sure you must be, about the low ranking of education in this country relative to other industrialized democracies, and because I believe there are things each of us can do in our local communities to assure our children attend high quality schools.  A strong and effective school board is essential to that goal, so I would like to tell you about Scott Rochelle, a candidate for the District #202 School Board.
Scott is a native of Evanston,the son of two educators, a product of the Evanston schools, and is now a lawyer established in an educational law practice. He represents local school districts on a myriad of issues, with emphasis on special education.

I have met with Scott, and was impressed with his deep commitment to educational excellence for all children. Scott is interested in analyzing and  evaluating educational policies for their effectiveness and then seeking solutions to problems. His training and experience will enable him to do that well.  In addition to his expertise on education issues, Scott has an astounding history of community service.  

Whether or not you have children in the school system now, it’s vital that you support school board candidates who will work for the very best education for our community’s children. Scott is such a person. I urge you to assure  Evanston has top-notch schools.   Vote for him,and tell your friends about him.
For further information, go to Rochellefor202.com or donate by mail to Rochellefor202.com c/o Mary Wilkerson, 1712 Dobson, Evanston, 60202
Bernice Weissbourd