I whole heartedly support Scott Rochelle as a candidate for District 202 School Board for I believe he offers a most objective and open voice for students. Scott attended Evanston/Skokie schools and comes from a family of educators. Through his experiences he realizes the importance of achievement and that not all parents expect excellence from their children. It is with this knowledge that he will advocate fully for all students at ETHS. He wishes to give back to the community that inspired him and will work to insure increased opportunity for all who seek it.

Scott is willing to listen and his desire to develop better communications within the Board and Administration will improve community outreach. He is open to discuss the necessary changes concurrent with developing high expectations and will work to gain consensus as one vote in seven. Scott appreciates the fine work being done by the Administration to remain fiscally responsible. His professional background in education law and policy, his work with school districts, and his experience serving on Boards will be important assets as the district faces change. He values teachers and staff and understands the complexities of negotiating contracts and the importance of developing confidence.

The freshness of Scott’s age and his professional experience will bring an additional degree of acumen to the 202 Board which is already striving for equity in the educational experience for students.

It is with pleasure that I urge voters to vote yes for Scott Rochelle on April the 5th and in early voting. His treasure can be ours.

Anne Sills