We are writing to strongly urge the election of Jonathan Baum to the District 202 Board of Education on April 5.  We have devoted decades to making Evanston a strong and vibrant community that businesses want to locate in and families want to live in.  We believe that Jonathan’s election is vital to the success of this mission.  ETHS is the crown jewel of our community,  a big part of what attracts people to this community and an essential resource for giving all our children the tools they need to lead successful lives.  Jonathan, a product of ETHS and the father of three current ETHS students, believes in ETHS and will help it continue to embody that combination of diversity and excellence that is a hallmark of our community.  

Like us, Jonathan has been active in the life of this community for a long time, serving on our Human Relations Commission and the Board of Youth Organizations Umbrella (YOU), and the District 65 School Board. 

We have always been impressed with the diligence, openness, and integrity he has consistently brought to the task of serving our community.  As a member of the District 202 Board of Education, we know that he will continue to do his homework, listen to his constituents, ask the hard questions, and insist on clear and well-supported answers. 

We need an outstanding ETHS, and an outstanding ETHS needs Jonathan Baum.  Please join us in voting for him on April 5.  

Art Newman

Evelyn Raden

Ann Rainey