It is with sincere conviction that I wholeheartedly support Keith Terry for another term is president of the District 65 Board of Education.  Keith’s history in this role since first elected in 2009, gives him the experience that an effective board president needs.  A position of leadership is not a popularity contest and anyone who takes on the responsibility knows that there will be supporters and detractors.  Keith has weathered the storms of leadership with dignity, patience, and competency.  

As a 42 year resident of Evanston, a parent of three sons who attended King Lab and ETHS, a past board member of the Evanston Hockey Association, the Women’s Club of Evanston, the Evanston United Way, the current president of the North Shore Choral Society, a former high school teacher, and employee of District 65, I am invested in Evanston and know the school district from the inside out.  Over the years, I have seen the turnover of board members who continually run on the same platform of “closing the gap” and improving the education of our students.  We, as Evanston residents and taxpayers, have heard the same song for decades.  The goals are laudable, but a revolving door in change of leadership has not, and will not, make a difference.  What is necessary is the consistency of someone who has the experience, who understands the challenges, who works with the administration, teachers, and parents, and who wants the best for District 65.  That person is Keith Terry.

Other candidates for board positions call for recruiting, supporting, and keeping talented teachers. They talk about student evaluations (not just the ISAT). They demand collaboration and fiscal responsibility, as if these were new ideas and none of it actually occurs. The reality is that all of these “needs” are, in fact, realities within the district. The administration works hard to meet these challenges every day and Keith Terry knows that. He understands the issues, knows how to navigate the system, and has the skills and judgment to lead the school board for another term as president. Please vote for him on April 5. 


Anne Harkonen