Over 230 students are set to participate in Washington School’s 26th Annual Science Fair on Thursday, March 24.
This year’s theme is “Healthy Body, Healthy Planet,” which is a key message at Washington School. Washington’s Wellness Team leads efforts to encourage eating right, exercise, recycling and helps students grow their own class vegetable gardens. 

The Science Fair, sponsored by the Washington PTA, is open to Washington students from kindergarten through fifth grade, providing a chance for the entire student body to delve into the world of science. Students are encouraged to participate through teacher efforts, and several teachers lead class projects to ensure that no one is ever left out.  Each year every participant is awarded a coveted “Young Scientist” T-shirt with a cartoon by parent and graphic artist Heather Kezdy.
The gym will be filled with over 230 trifold boards of varying colors and sizes with assorted contraptions, experiments and demonstrations. Some projects will be in Spanish, as many students are bilingual at Washington, one of the District 65 schools offering a Two Way Immersion (TWI) language program.

In anticipation of Washington’s 3-Year Library Improvement Plan to be launched formally at a later date, a new collection of brand new and much needed Science books will be available for sponsorship at the fair!  Help Washington improve our collections “book-by-book” at a cost of only $20/book.  Start-up donations for the 3-Year Library Improvement Plan will also be accepted.

The science fair runs from 6 to 8 p.m. in the school gym at 914 Ashland Ave. It’s free and open to the public.