Jane Colleton had a successful write-in campaign 20 years ago for a seat on the District 202 Board. I had known Jane as active in the community, very interested in our schools and one willing to use her talents and resources to make changes to meet needs of a changing world.  I supported her twenty years ago as well as now.   She’s done a great job. I feel we must retain her on the school board so that the continuum of the upward trend continues.

 Jane’s  a doer, not just a talker school board member. I’ve found her to be hard working, fair, open minded and genuinely committed to giving every student the best chance possible to achieve.  She’s not afraid to support new promising proposals. 

Let us agree that “longevity has its place,” and propel Jane into further service for our children.  Jane’s talent and hard earned experience and “senior wisdom” are valuable community assets. Join me by supporting her for reelection. 

Lorraine H. Morton