You may already know that Keith Terry has brought leadership and integrity to the District 65 Board for 2 terms (4 years) as both member and Board President.  You may already know that he served as Finance Chair, shepherding us to greater financial health. That he brought a collaborative spirit to teachers’contract negotiations and that he helped establish an Expanded School Day, giving our kids extra time to learn, each and every day.

Now, I want to paint another picture of Keith by giving you an example of his commitment to education. As Adjunct Professor for Roosevelt University, in the Department of Communication, I teach college seniors how to develop complete marketing campaigns. This semester, their challenge is to craft messages that encourage middle school and high school to reject drugs and alcohol. Keith is serving as one of our “real but unofficial Clients” as my college seniors tackle this challenging hands-on assignment. Keith’s insights —not to mention his generosity—are very valuable to my students. I believe this might also give YOU insight into Keith’s personal dedication to quality education.

Please visit Keith’s website (keithterry465) to learn more about why I believe you should support Keith Terry for District 65 School Board. 

Rachel Baron