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I am supporting Eileen Budde for District 65 School Board.  Eileen has a master’s degree in Education and is an experienced and dedicated math teacher and tutor.  She has great empathy for the challenges that teachers face in providing instruction that meets the needs of all students across the spectrum.  She understands the importance of providing appropriate supports and high quality training for teachers.  She is currently serving as the PTA President at Nichols School.  She intends to work to improve the responsiveness of the board to the community, to ensure a high quality educational standard for all children, and to support teachers by giving them the resources they need to be successful.  Eileen met with me to discuss the concerns of Evanston CASE (Citizens for Appropriate Special Education) and made a commitment to advocate for kids with special needs as a school board member.  Eileen understands the need for sound data-based evaluation of programs, and community by-in around district initiatives. She has a deep investment in the community, and dedication to high quality education that is imperative for service on the school board.  To learn more about her perspectives, visit her website at www.eileenfordistrict65.com

Cari Levin, LCSW

Founding Director, Evanston CASE