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President Barack Obama is calling March “Education Month” and has reaffirmed his commitment to improving K-12 education in America. I am in complete agreement with his mission. In fact, my efforts to improve D65 education started four years ago when I was elected to the District 65 School Board. I have sat through 94 school board meetings, now serving as a two-term board President, I have taken great care in trying to “advance” our K-8 agenda with purpose and without hesitation towards excellence for all.

It’s easy for candidates to say what they will do if they are elected to the School Board. My service on the District 65 School Board gives me a track record by which you can judge me. I have worked to improve opportunities for all students. We have made gains in student achievement (black, white and hispanic kids), fairness and inclusion, building safety and quality, technology in the classroom, fiscal discipline, we have achieved a longer instructional school day, we have a stable work force via a 4-year teacher contract and we are conducting community surveys to ensure we hear from the community. For a complete list of my accomplishments visit my website www.keithterry465.com. Proudly, I can say on February 28, D65 started capital improvement to three of our schools taking them into the 21st century. This is not by chance or accident but with intent and purpose. Leadership matters!

The facts are in, the last four years have been one of the most productive periods in the history of District 65 School Board. I would like to thank the teachers, principals, administrators, and my fellow board members who I have served with over the last four years, I am proud of what we have accomplished and I am especially proud of your efforts. The board collaborated with and supported the administration, principals and teachers of our school district, even as we have held them accountable. Integrity Matters!

As stated by the National Association of School Board: an effective School Board can have a positive impact on student achievement. Here are eight characteristics that make School Boards effective: 1) high expectations and clear goals, 2) belief that all children can learn, 3) focus on achievement 4) collaboration and communication 5) intelligent use of data, 6) goals and resources aligned 7) team leadership and 8) team training. It is important that we continue electing D65 board members who can be highly effective because it is the blueprint for success. Experience Matters!

On April 5th re-elect Keith Terry by casting your vote for continued leadership, experience and integrity. For more information please visit my website www.keithterry465.com.

The RoundTable invited each of the candidates for the District 65 School Board to submit a statement explaining in their own words why residents of the District should vote for them. Their personal statements, in reverse alphabetical order, are on this and the following page. For additional information concerning the candidates, check out the candidate profiles, the articles and the supporting letters in the Election Section of the RoundTable’s online paper at www.evanstonroundtable.com. A link to video interviews of the candidates is also available on the RoundTable’s on line site. Early voting is March 14-31. The election is on April 5.