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I am writing to encourage you to support three candidates for school board: Richard Rykhus and Eileen Budde for District 65, and Jonathan Baum for District 202.   

I have been a long time observer of the District 65 and 202 school boards. I’ve seen candidates come and go. I’ve heard promises that were not kept and pronouncements on issues that were poorly understood by the candidates. I have never before publicly endorsed a candidate, but this year I was truly impressed by these three individuals. 

Richard, Eileen and Jonathan are critical thinkers. They recognize that decision-making requires listening to all the stakeholders, looking at all the facts, and weighing all the options. They are committed to transparency in how the boards conduct their business, so that members of the community are informed about not just what decisions are taken, but why. They believe that accountability is more than just a word, it is about evaluating performance against clear, specific and measurable metrics. 

All three candidates have the background and experience in education that will make them successful stewards of our children’s futures. I urge you to read more about them at their websites: richardfordistrict65.com, eileenfordistrict65.com and baum202.org. I know you will be as impressed as I am. 

Both District 202 and 65 face serious challenges. I am grateful that these individuals have risen to the occasion at this time. Please join me in voting for Rykhus, Budde and Baum.  Election day is on April 5, and early voting at the Civic Center began March 14 and extends through March 31.

Mindy Wallis