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 Dear Editor: 

We support Keith Terry for a second term on the District 65 School Board. He has the intelligence and boldness to work within the system to make D65 more accountable to families and children. When a group of African American parents from Dawes Elementary went before the school board in 2009 to ask questions about racial disparity in summer school rates and disciplinary rates, Terry showed leadership in attending a follow-up meeting with us and Supt. Hardy Murphy. He understood that in addressing test score gaps one must consider the entire educational system, especially those institutional practices that might be contributing to students’ inability to succeed in the classroom.

In addition, we have watched Terry navigate board meetings. While consensus building and research are important, votes must ultimately be taken so that policy can be implemented. Terry understands how to negotiate these tensions to move an issue forward. He asks the questions that matter. For these reasons, we support his campaign for re-election.


Ava & Dale Greenwell