Dear Editor: 

I am writing in support of candidate, Katie Bailey, who is running for a second term on the District 65 school board.  I have known Katie for over 10 years–as a friend, a neighbor, and as a fellow PTA volunteer.  Katie is a stalwart member of the Dewey, Nichols, and ETHS parent communities.  She is an extremely thoughtful and informed participant in matters pertaining to our schools.  She is a tireless worker and contributor on behalf of all children.  Katie is extremely intelligent and she has a keen grasp of the issues facing our schools today.  Katie is fair. She works on behalf of all children, understanding that what affects one, affects all.  She is not afraid to tackle the tough issues in this district, from budget issues to the gaps in academic achievement, to teacher salaries, and administration issues.  Katie is willing to discuss the issues and look for solutions.  She seeks input; she approaches things with an open mind; she seeks consensus.  She has an affable personality – a plus when dealing with people from different backgrounds who have different perspectives on what’s best for our schools. 

Katie is committed to improving coordination between District 65 and District 202, establishing higher expectations for middle-school students and implementing college/career readiness goals for our students.  These are 21st century goals, and Katie is committed to moving District 65 in the right direction.

Katie’s goal is excellence:  to make Evanston schools the best they can be.  I am giving my vote to Katie Bailey, and I hope you will too. 

Respectfully submitted by Kathy H. Slaughter