Letter to the editor:

I write to express my unqualified support for Jonathan Baum’s candidacy for the District 202 school board. Having served with Jonathan for four years on the District 65 school board, I can attest that there is no one who works harder as a board member or takes that role more seriously. He understands the proper balance between the role of the board and the role of the administration. He has a proven record of demanding public discussion of public issues, setting measurable goals for the administration, thoroughly evaluating district programs and of building an evaluation component into every new plan or program.

He prepared thoroughly for every board and committee meeting including participating in the yearlong revision of the D65 policy manual, analyzing budgets and guiding the Program/Policy Committee through many complicated issues.

He recognizes that ETHS is the jewel of this community and that this community is obligated to provide the highest quality education to EVERY student at ETHS. He will insist that ALL students are challenged AND supported throughout their high school careers.

More than other attempts to influence the direction of the board, this election is YOUR opportunity to shape the membership of the board. If you believe that the direction of the high school is important to the future of this community, I urge you to vote and to cast your vote for Jonathan Baum.

Mary Rita Luecke­
Former D65 Board Member and Board President