I wanted to take a moment to voice my support for District 65 Candidate Eileen Budde in the upcoming School Board elections.

I have lived in Evanston for over 15 years and my 3 children are currently attending Washington and Nichols schools.  I have come to know Eileen as a parent, as a neighbor and as the PTA President at Nichols.  There is plenty of information floating around about the respective candidates’ qualifications and unique abilities but I recognize that it is difficult to choose a candidate when you do not know them personally.  I have the advantage of knowing Eileen personally and have had the opportunity to see her work in a variety of contexts.  From passing out food at a school function, to working with children as a tutor, to engaging with her public representatives, being one of them myself, during a tragic crisis.

What I have learned is that Eileen is a strong individual with the ability to listen, to understand information and to make decisions.  I do not think that a preset agenda is ever a strong platform for a candidate, but the ability to identify problems, to take the time to understand the cause of that problem, and the fortitude to make a decision, without simply following a recommendation, is more reflective of the kind of character we should look for in our candidates.

Don Wilson