Dear Editor: 

In the election on April 5th, residents of School District 202 will vote to fill three School Board seats.  We are writing in support of Jonathan Baum, candidate for School District 202, Evanston Township High School.  Mr. Baum is an ETHS graduate, has three children at ETHS, has years of involvement in community organizations, and is a civil rights and civil liberties attorney. 

Jonathan Baum’s combination of experience and skills would serve the D202 Board well.  He believes ETHS is full of rich opportunities for all students, is committed to maintaining ETHS’s tradition of excellence, and believes each student, regardless of race, economic status, or ability level should have the opportunity to reach his or her maximum potential.  Mr. Baum also believes school, parents, and community must work as partners, each playing a role in bringing this about. 

Over the past ten years, as our children have attended ETHS, we have volunteered in parent organizations, and have had the opportunity to witness the challenges that students face.  During this time of state budget constraints and federal mandates for student achievement, we believe Mr. Baum would make thoughtful decisions to the benefit of the entire ETHS community.  He is confident in the future of ETHS and will work hard to make it all that it can be. 

Please join us in supporting Jonathan Baum for the Evanston Township High School Board. 

MaryJo Boyer and Corky Siegfriedt