Vote for Keith Terry!  Keith is the current board president and under his leadership, the board has been able to make some real progress towards issues like program stability, capital improvement, academic progress and fiscal responsibility.  This has been accomplished by collaboration and respectful problem solving with other board members and administration.  

Our school board members are elected by the entire community to serve the entire community.  Specific neighborhoods and schools do not elect a candidate to serve only their interests.  Many of us were drawn to Evanston by its diversity and what that offers our children.  When it comes to school board governance, however, this same diversity can complicate issues, making topics sensitive and divisive.  We need board members like Keith who are willing to hear all sides of an issue, reach out the community in its entirety and who will always have all of our student’s best interests in mind.   

Over the years I have met with most of our board members and closely followed and participated in the Inclusion Initiative process.  We have come a long way.  I can now say with conviction that my son is getting a better education here in district 65 than he would anyplace else.  There have been bumps in the road and, of course, there is still progress to be made but in my opinion we are now serving our special education students better than ever before.  This has in large part been possible because of the leadership of Keith Terry and the development and implementation of the Strategic Plan.  

Please join me in voting for Keith Terry to continue moving education forward for all of Evanston’s children.  They deserve nothing less. 

Martha King