I have known Jane Colleton since I was a first grader at Dewey Elementary School, and friends with her family.  She was impressive when I was six, and she is even more remarkable from an adult perspective.  Throughout the years I have known Jane, she has continuously led by example through service.  Her willingness to do whatever it took to care for youth in our community, from PTA, to COE-Pops, to Picture Book Project, to the District 202 Board, has benefited countless number of young people, including me. 

 I was always aware of her high expectations for me, even when others did not hold me to such rigorous standards.  In Jane’s view, I was college material, even when others thought less.  

I offer my wholehearted support for Jane Colleton’s re-election to the District 202 School Board.  As a recently appointed alderman,  I salute her history of leadership, which continues to inspire a new generation of service. Please join me in voting for Jane on April 5th.

Peter Braithwaite