Dear Editor:

Katie Bailey is a remarkable leader in the Evanston community. While raising a splendid family, she has served school, church, and community in exemplary ways. As our next-door neighbor, we have watched with amazement how she has shown by example that community service is how one’s gifts and time can be well spent in the service of youth but also for the enrichment of the entire community, including seniors like us.

This year I asked Katie to participate in Northwestern campus interviews for several high-profile national fellowships.  Rhodes, Marshall, and Truman scholarships require candidates to articulate their intellectual and vocational plans even as (under pressure) they address pressing local, national, and global issues.  Katie moved into a room packed with professors, other civic leaders, and students and zeroed in on several promising but fearful candidates.  Her interview style revealed a critical, questioning, and highly informed mind at work; she elicited clarity from one candidate while she encouraged another to provide evidence-based answers. (Note: Both candidates won their fellowships!) In a larger, more formal setting later this year, she arrived thoroughly prepared to grill seven future public servants.  Here, I was most impressed by her ability to play off of the other panel members as well as draw out the candidates’ best performances. 

For her intelligence, knowledge of the world of commerce and community, and profound kindness, we endorse Katie Bailey’s candidacy for the District 65 School Board.

Sara Anson Vaux and Kenneth Vaux